Email to SMS Gateway allows you to turn your email into a SMS by simply integrating into your email software. Simply send SMS from your own email account, then we will convert emails into SMS messages which then clients will receive there SMS messages within seconds.


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Email to SMS allows you to turn your email into a text message. Simply register your email address with SMS Gateway then send an email to SMS Gateway is fully customisable and can be set up in anyway that suits your business. We can strip email signatures and disclaimers, simply let us know what you would like removed and we can set it up as a rule on your account.

Integrate SMS Gateway Into Software Using Email

Most software packages interact with SMS gateways using email. If you are sending a SMS using Outlook SMS Gateway we offer our users a Outlook Plugin or alternatively you can integrate our API into your website or application. SMS Gateway also support email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook online, AOL, GMX and many more. API documents can be found here.

2-Way Email-To-SMS

Set rules on how your replies are sent to you. The most common rule is to forward your replies back to your address book, from there you can continue your conversation without having to log into the website or even picking up your phone.

How to Send SMS messages from Email

Step 1

Create and Send SMS messages from your own email account.

Step 2

SMS Gateway will convert your emails into SMS messages.

Step 3

Clients will receive their SMS messages within seconds. Any responses will be sent back to the destination of your preference.