Online SMS Gateway allows you and your business to communicate with customers or staff through our online SMS gateway. Creating SMS campaigns can be easy by using our online free tools. Once the message is sent the Online SMS Gateway history can tell you when they were delivered.

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Send SMS Messages from our online dashboard

Whether you are sending one message or thousands, our Online SMS Gateway portal will take you step by step through the process of creating the message. A single message can send up to 160 characters, or 765 characters in a long message ( 5 messages joined together).

Each message is worth 1 credit, in which 5 messages would be worth 5 credits. Click here for more information.

Your contacts can be easily uploaded via a excel spreadsheet which you can have saved for future use. Alternatively you can select from your saved address book or type the number in manually.


SMS Gateway offers all users a range of free online features to make creating your campaigns easier.

  • Templates: Use the free online message templates to maintain a consistence in communications with clients.
  • Address Book: Create Groups to manage contacts easier to send regular updates.
  • Scheduling: Send your message immediately or program it to be sent at a later time or date.
  • Replies: Choose whether you want your messages sent from your mobile number, another phone number or our inbound reporting number. This allows customer to reply and managing opt-out customers.
  • Inbound numbers are available for purchase to use on all marketing and communications allowing customers to contact that number at any time.


The Online SMS Gateway history tells you when a message/campaign is delivered in a report available in a click. It also allows you to check the status of each message, see undelivered messages so they can be removed from your contacts, view your future scheduled messages, view inbound replies and also check your daily/weekly/monthly volume.

Why Choose SMS Gateway

No monthly fees. No Contracts. No credit expiry.

Never pay for undelivered messages. Only pay for what you use.

Access anywhere. Login in from anywhere in the world.

Light fast delivery times.