SMS Marketing Gateway is a way of communicating with a large amount of customers right into there pocket. We help you create a SMS that will deliver to you customers in a way you know they’ll see.

See how SMS Marketing Gateway can help you construct an effective message and the reasons why you should use SMS Marketing in your business.

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How to construct a successful SMS

When sending customers a message there a few things to keep in mind and use to make it an effective message:

Keep it short.

Use a personalised greeting.

Describe what, where, when for events.

Add a hook, something they can show to get a special offer.

End with your business name and number.

Reasons to use SMS Marketing Gateway in your business

SMS Marketing is a cheap and easy way to connect with customer/clients. It is an easy way to drive sales, increase revenue and engage current and new customers.   If you don’t already use SMS in your marketing, see the reasons why:

  • Easily personalised and tailored to meet each marketing need.
  • Fast delivery to your customer. With more then 90% of the population using mobile phones for SMS, generally customers will receive the SMS in seconds.
  • Instant Notification. This can by promoting your product.
  • Straight to the point message. Because there is a 160 character limitation per message you tend to make it precise and straight to the point SMS.
  • Improve customer relationship. The fact you are making the message personalised makes the customer feel more comfortable with your approach.
  • Drive sales through your door.
  • Keep customers informed with a quick and reliable message and up to date information.

The process is very simple, upload your contact list and your message and SMS Gateway will make sure your message gets across. Sending bulk SMS online can reach specific consumers that traditional marketing communication simply can’t. The team at SMS Gateway can work with your business to find a bulk Marketing solution. Trust in a reliable mass text messaging service!

Manage Messages

Merge Information

SMS Replies Accessible

24/7 Access

Access our 1224- character limit and send your customers information about your product or service. See character count codes here.

Personalise your message by attaching customer information through our bulk SMS software.

Gain access to any replies.

Have 24/7 access to our SMS marketing through our bulk SMS gateway.

Reasons To Use SMS Marketing Gateway For Your Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • Our bulk SMS service is customisable and our team will work hard to make it suit your business.
  • Our software guarantees delivery.
  • SMS advertising guarantees your customer can easily access your message.
  • Bulk text messages cuts through the clutter and delivers a message right to your customers pocket.
  • Guarantee your customer is receiving your mass text message service.